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Monthly Letter - June 2009

30 June 2009
Greetings Everyone,
Most people who have a rudimentary knowledge of Bible prophecy are familiar with Christ’s Olivet prophecy found in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. Christ outlined quite a few conditions that would be extant in the Last Days in these prophecies. However, He did not reveal to us the exact time of His coming (return to earth) because He apparently did not know the day or the hour of His return at that time Himself. (Mat. 24:36).
However, He did give us signs to watch for. (Mat. 24:42). Those signs are given in a broad sense in His Olivet prophecy so that no specific period of time would be known. But, let’s take a deeper look into what we should look for as we grow closer to Christ’s return.
For brevity sake, I ask you to turn in your Bible and read Deut. 17: 14-20. We, along with other English speaking peoples, are presently living in the land the Lord promised Abraham and later to the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh. Notice verse 15 particularly, God instructed explicitly that we should NOT set a stranger over us which is not our brother. Why did God command this of His people? Read verse 20. The answer is there because a stranger, one without the Biblical background received from the Bible, would turn to other religions, away from the true God.
The people of the United States of America have recently elected (set over them) a President who is a stranger to us. He has apparently Not embraced the “Christian Religion” but embraces ALL FAITHS, particularly the Muslim faith. (He made that statement prior to his election in an interview with the press). His first public address was to a Muslim nation. He bowed before the leader of a Muslim country. He stated that the United States was the largest “Muslim” country in the world and that WE, the United States, were NOT a “Christian nation.”
He campaigned on the platform of CHANGE! Watch closely as we go forward to the changes that are, and will be, taking place because of “his” value system. Note carefully his acceptance of abortion, same-sex marriages, (he has proclaimed June of 2009 as gay-lesbian and transgender month), his affinity toward the Muslim world and a cold shoulder to the Jews in Israel. More changes are yet to come through health care, education, government involvement with Big Businesses, and a weakening of our National Defense.
Those of you who are on our DVD program will be receiving soon a sermon by Mr. John Shelton titled, “Behold The People Is One.” More of the changes I mentioned will be outlined in Mr. Shelton’s sermon(s). I say sermons because this message comes in three parts. The first will go out on our monthly DVD program, the other two parts are offered below via the Mail-In Request Card Program. Simply click the appropriate button below and we will send you copies of parts two and three of the sermon.
Now, for a little SPECULATION! Turn in your Bible and read Daniel 11:40. We have long believed that the King of the North was the End Time Resurrection of the Old Roman Empire. (Rev. 13: 7-14) emerging from the present day European Union. Likewise, we have believed the King of the South to be a conglomeration of Middle-East nations (Ps. 83: 1-8) who would “push at” the King of the North provoking him to war. We will have to WATCH the Middle-East to see what the “push at” really is. Could it be oil? Jerusalem? Or, some other criteria?
Our President has made a concerted effort to make friends with the Muslim world, many of which hate us and would like to destroy us along with Israel. Is it possible that during the next eight years (assuming he will be re-elected in 2012) we would be so aligned with the Muslim world that we would be attacked by the King of the North when they fly at the King of the South like a whirlwind? The Bible predicts the fall of the “sons of Jacob Israel” but does not say specifically when that is to occur. Read Ezekiel the fifth chapter. Joel also mentions the attack. Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 gives a graphic account of the takeover. Many other scriptures mention the same account. It will be a time of Jacob’s Trouble! (Jer. 30:7; Dan. 12:1-2; Mat. 24: 21). A time unprecedented in HUMAN HISTORY! It will be the time of the END! Paul says it will come suddenly without warning. (I Thes. 5: 1-7; Mat. 24: 15-22).
It is unthinkable that we have lost our ‘ROOTS’! The Constitution of the United States as drafted and ratified by the Constitutional Congress is hardly recognizable today. Its purpose and intent has been twisted and ignored. The Basic Rights outlined in the Constitution are waning fast! We are rapidly becoming a multi-cultured nation. I no longer recognize the country I grew up in and love so very much! Oh yes, CHANGE is coming.
I encourage all of you to draw closer to our Creator God. My friends, do NOT be lulled to sleep by the “cares of this world.” We are living in troubled times and Christ said many would be asleep and unaware of the conditions around them prior to His eminent return to earth. (Mat. 25: 1-13). Don’t ignore these warnings, the signs are evident. It is just a matter of time until “all these things” come to pass. (Mat. 24: 33).
Each month I am brought to tears by the tithes and offerings coming in from people I know are on fixed incomes and can hardly get by on the income they receive, and yet, they faithfully send in money for the WORK. On behalf of God’s Church, thank you all so very much!
George Trent
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