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Monthly Letter - November 2009

30 November 2009
Greetings Everyone,
One of the things I have learned in my thirty nine years in the Church of God is that the teachings of the Church of God are NOT for EVERYONE! Christ explained this in the parable of the sower in Matthew the thirteenth chapter.
Some hear the word ,and since it is so different from mainstream “Christianity”, read or listen to the message for a short time. Then, Satan enters in and persuades the person to continue with their old ways. So, they reject the message. Others study the word for a while and actually get excited about it. They want to know more. They study profusely for a while. They actually begin to follow Christ’s teachings. But their new way of life conflicts with their old lifestyle and soon trials begin with family, the job, or from another source and so they turn away. Others, accept the message and continue on with it until they are baptized. They produce fruit that is pleasing to God.
So you see why I began this letter the way I did. We realize that many people come to our website while searching for a certain topic or subject on the internet. They come to our site and find something that relates to the subject they are looking for. However, when they receive the message, whether DVD, CD, Correspondence Course, Traditional Christian Doctrine or an article, they realize the teaching is not the same as their traditional Christian teachings. They lose interest. However, we continue sending Correspondence Courses, or other materials they have requested.
We began this Work in January 2007. We began with a mailing list of approximately 120 people. The monthly DVD mail out was approximately 80. Over the past two years our mailing list has increased to nearly 1400 and we are presently mailing out 269 DVD’s each month. In addition to this we are mailing out over 200 DVD/CD’s requested from the internet each month and another 50-75 single media requests. (Mini-Correspondence Courses or Traditional Christian Doctrines) The work load is increasing with each passing month. Presently we have been averaging over 100 new requests for the Correspondence Course each month. If this trend continues our mailing list will increase by 12001500 by the end of the year.
With this in mind, I would like to request that those of you who are presently receiving materials from the Church of God New World Ministries and are simply discarding the materials when you receive it, please return the enclosed card and ask to be removed from our mailing list. Simply check the appropriate box on the enclosed card. I think you can understand that it would cut down on our work load and curtail expenses.
Certainly we encourage all of you that are learning the Truth from these materials to please continue receiving them and utilizing them in your study of God’s Word. Just check the appropriate box on the enclosed card and we will continue to send you the materials.
It is not our purpose to offend anyone but our staff is so small we must learn to work smarter and still accomplish God’s Work. And, we should be good stewards of God’s money.
On a more positive note, I would like to announce that The Church of God New World Ministries will be going on radio in the Knoxville, Tennessee area December 1st, 2009. We received an excellent deal from WITA AM 1490. For $600.00 a month we were given an 8 PM slot five nights a week Monday-Friday for one hour. We feel the time slot and the price is excellent. All of our ministers will be featured on the program.
In addition to being able to be heard on the radio locally in the Knoxville area, the station will be STREAMING the program on the internet. That means anyone with access to the internet can listen to the program each night Monday-Friday at 8 PM simply by typing the following web address into their browser: The program can be heard all around the world!
Mr. Brian Tinkler has designed a page on our website to receive anyone requesting materials from the program. If you would like to see the page or order materials visit us at In addition to offering the program of the evening other materials can be ordered from the site. We will certainly keep you posted on the progress of this media.
Many times people come to our website expecting a large Church. We are not! If we were a large Church we would probably NOT be God’s Church. He said His Church would be a “little flock” in Luke 12:32. However, our goal is to continue to preach the gospel and “feed the flock”. Since our inception God has provided our needs. Now, He has opened another door for us to “preach the gospel.” He has provided the financial means via this little flock’s prayers and financial contributions. Because of your faithfulness and support we can provide materials to people all around the world FREE, without any charge. I know this pleases God. Thank you all very much for your generous contributions!
Please continue to Pray for God’s Work and the success of the radio program.
George Trent
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