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Monthly Letter - December 2009

31 December 2009
Greetings Everyone,
For many of you, this will be the first monthly letter from the president you have received, while others have been receiving these letters for over three years. For you to receive these letters you must have requested to be on our mailing list. We do not solicit! You apparently found something that piqued your interest or the materials we offered were FREE! Regardless of the reason, I want to convey a message to you in this last letter of 2009.
I have no way of knowing how many of you actually read these letters. Last month I requested two things on our mail-in request card: 1) If you wanted to be removed from our mailing list to please check the block on the mail-in card and return it to us. 2) I asked if you wanted to continue to receive this letter and materials from The Church of God New World Ministries to check the box and return it to us.
Thus far I have received 14 requests to be removed and 99 requests to remain on the mailing list and continue receiving materials from us. I would like to thank all of you who have returned the cards, though those removed will not receive this letter. Given the fact that we mailed out nearly 1400 letters last month, I am still in the dark as to how many of you truly appreciate and utilize the materials you receive from us.
Those of you who have access to our website,, realize that we post new articles, DVD’s/CD’s, and a host of other materials almost every day. Mr. David Smith spends an exorbitant amount of time editing and reprinting articles we have had access to in the past. He sends them to me and I do another edit and then send them to Mr. Brian Tinkler who edits them again and then posts them to the website. We presently have hundreds of sermons and articles available to you. In the three years of our ministry we have had thousands of people listen to the sermons and even more have read the articles. Those of you who do not have access to the website receive DVD’s/CD’s monthly or upon request via the mail-in request cards. To summarize, there is a tremendous amount of information available to you.
Now comes the purpose for this letter. What are you doing with the TRUTH you are learning? Are you one of the nearly 1300 people that did not respond? My friends, if you do read this letter and read or listen to the materials presented I want to make something very clear. The information you receive is deadly! That’s right, deadly! Now, why would I say something so profound?
The apostle Paul indicated that it is not enough to just grasp “the principles of the doctrine of Christ.” It is not enough simply to understand something of what Jesus taught. Knowledge alone can’t save us. Rather, it can destroy us. It can cause us to exude vanity, to become Biblical know-it-alls of the Christian faith. “Knowledge,” said Paul, “puffs up” (I Cor. 8:1).
The Great God frowns upon the accumulation of knowledge merely to boost intellectual prowess. “To him that knows to do good (he who has knowledge of God’s ways of life; and you are getting that knowledge through our materials) and doeth it not, to him it is sin” (James 4:17). Do you see why I said this knowledge is dangerous?
With this all-important truth in mind, it behooves every one of us to seriously ask ourselves, what are we doing about what we know? What are we doing with the knowledge that God reveals to us in His Word? Or, putting it another way, why do we study the Bible in the first place? To the thousands of people that read these articles, what are you doing with this knowledge? We post these articles and DVD’s/CD’s so that you can use what you are learning to grow more and more like Jesus Christ, day by day. Are you prepared to go beyond the basic tenets of the Christian faith and use God’s Word in your lives to help you strive for perfection?
What are you doing with the information you have gained from the Mini-Correspondence Course, the Traditional Christian Doctrines, and other materials you have received? And those who are baptized members, are you studying to grow in knowledge and grace? Are you grafting the Word of God into your minds? Are you becoming a “new creature” in Christ?
My friends, you have come in contact with the True Church of God. The information you are receiving can change your lives. But, the choice is yours! Are you studying God’s Word to help you live your lives in a more productive and rewarding manner, or just to be able to answer the questions thrown at you at work or from the relatives? The knowledge you are receiving is dangerous! Make the most of it!
I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to this Work in the year 2009. Through your prayers and financial contributions we have been able to partially fulfill Christ’s twofold commission to His Church: 1) Preach the gospel and, 2) feed the flock. There are many millions yet to be reached. It is our prayer that all the various splinter groups of God’s True Church will be blessed in their efforts to fulfill these commissions. Pray that God will open more doors for all of us in the months and years to come.
“Study to show yourself approved unto Godů” (II Tim. 2:15). Read the article recently posted on the website: “The Truth You Are Learning: What Are You Doing About It?” Those of you who did not request to be removed from the mailing list will continue to receive materials. I truly hope they will benefit you in your “walk with Christ.”
George Trent
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