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Monthly Letter - September-October 2010

September - October 2010
Greetings Everyone,
We just completed a very inspiring, uplifting and informative Fall Holy Day Season. Many of you who are recent enrollees to the Church mailing list may not be familiar with the Holy Days. You may have been taught by various “church groups” that these days have been done away with, along with God’s law. You may have been taught that the Holy Days are “Jewish” and are not for “Christians.” And, some have taught that the Holy Days were “nailed to the cross.”
My friends, nothing could be further from the truth. Satan the Devil has done a masterful job of counterfeiting God’s Holy Days with “holidays” of his own. He has truly “deceived the whole world.” (Rev. 12:9). Why would he do that? The truth is that Satan does not want mankind to learn the true meaning of God’s Holy Days. Let’s understand why.
If you are not afraid of the truth, turn in your Bible to Leviticus 23. Read verses 1-2. Read it in your own Bible. Do you see the feast of the Jews mentioned in these verses? Of course not, your Bible says, “Concerning the feasts of the Lord.” These are God’s feasts and He meant for them to be observed.
Now, notice also verses 3-4. These Feast days are Sabbaths. They are to be observed as Holy Convocations. That means you are to keep these days Holy just as you would the weekly Sabbath (the 7th day of the week which is called Saturday on the Gregorian Calendar).
Now turn in your Bible to Exodus 31 and read verse 13. Notice God inspired Moses to write,”...Verily my Sabbaths ye shall keep:” Notice that God says we are to observe His Sabbath (s). The word is plural! It means the 7th day of the week, the weekly Sabbath, and all seven annual Holy Days, which are Sabbaths. Continue reading verse 13. God says these Sabbaths are a “sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you.” Yes, God says those that are His will be observing these Sabbaths. These Sabbaths identify God’s people! But why does Satan hate them so much and why has he counterfeited them with worldly holidays, i.e. Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween, etc.? (Enroll today in our Traditional Christian Doctrine series by clicking below).
The answer to this question is a mystery to most of mankind. Here is the answer! God does not intend to save all of mankind at the same time, though he will offer salvation to “all” at different time periods. This is probably something you have not heard before as many of you have been taught “that now is the only day of salvation.” You have been taught that if you do not accept Jesus Christ right now, you will be lost (2 Cor. 6:2). That simply is not true! God certainly intends to save all of mankind, but “each in his own order” (I Cor. 15: 22-23). That salvation process is explained to us through the seven annual Holy Days found in Leviticus 23. Please read this entire chapter.
We have established that these days are God’s days and they are to be observed with Holy Convocations as they are Sabbaths. Now, let’s understand their meaning.
Though Passover is not one of the Holy Days it is the beginning of Salvation for us! Passover is an annual reminder of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Without the acceptance of Christ as our Passover, the one who died for our sins, there is no hope of salvation.
Immediately following Passover, symbolizing the acknowledgement of our sins and repenting of them, comes The Days of Unleavened Bread. For seven days we are to literally put all leavened products out of our homes and we are to eat unleavened bread for seven days. This pictures the putting of sin out of our lives and allowing Christ to live His life in us. (Gal. 2:20).
Pentecost pictures the first group to receive salvation. They will be Christ’s, at His coming! (I Cor. 15:23). The firstfruits will be those God is calling (John 6:44) now to rule with Him at His return for 1,000 years (Rev. 20:4; Rev. 5:10).
The Feast of Trumpets is a memorial of the blowing of trumpets. It represents the triumphant return of Christ to this earth to set up His Kingdom at the seventh trump. (Rev. 16:17-18; I Cor. 15:52; I Thes. 4:13-17).
The Day of Atonement represents the time God’s people will be At-one with Him. The sins that Christ bore for us will be placed on the head of the original perpetrator—Satan the Devil— and He will be restrained for 1,000 years. (Rev. 20:3). He will not be able to influence those who live over into the New World to Come for 1,000 years.
The Feast of Tabernacles represents the time of salvation for those who live over into the millennium. At the end of the 1,000 years the rest of the dead shall live again. (Rev. 20:5; 11-12) All those who have not been called from, Adam till Christ’s return, who are dead will receive their opportunity for salvation. This is represented by The Last Great Day (John 7:37). Thus completing God’s Plan of Salvation for all mankind.
Do you see why Satan hates these days? He knows that God is preparing a family to replace Him and His Demons! He is doomed to failure but won’t repent! God help you to open your eyes to His tremendous Plan of Salvation and begin observing these Sabbaths. You will be glad you did.
I want to close by thanking all of you who contribute to this WORK via your tithes, offerings and labor. We had a very successful Holy Day season. There is still much WORK to be done.
George Trent
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