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Monthly Letter - April-May 2011

31 May 2011
Greetings Everyone,
We just finished a very uplifting and encouraging Spring Holy Day Season. It seems that each year the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread take on a much deeper meaning for my wife and I. I hope it does for you as well.
Many of you receiving this letter are just learning about the Holy Days. Of course, mainstream “Christianity” profess these days to be “done away” with, but this simply is not true. In fact, Satan has used this ploy to deceive the world (Revelation 12:9) into believing “another gospel” as Paul explains in the first chapter of Galatians. The Holy Days, as described in Leviticus 23, outline Godís entire Plan of Salvation for mankind ó beginning with Passover and ending with the Last Great Day. If you are not familiar with the “deep spiritual” meaning of these days, you should visit our website at and review our article “God’s Master Plan of Salvation.”
The next Holy Day in Godís Plan of Salvation is Pentecost. It was on the Day of Pentecost, in 31 AD, that God founded the Church He said He would build in Matthew 16:18. He said the gates of hell (death) would not prevail against it. He meant that, though members of His Church would die, He would add more people to it through the centuries. Notice Acts 2:39, ďFor the promise (Holy Spirit) is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.Ē Yes, God promised to CALL people through the years and offer salvation to them. If those who are called repent and are baptized they will receive the promise (Holy Spirit) and be baptized (put into) Godís true Church. (Acts 2:38; I Corinthians 12:13). Pentecost is an annual Sabbath and should be observed as a Holy Convocation. (Leviticus 23:21). And, as God commanded, on these annual Sabbaths, an offering will be taken up on that day (Deuteronomy 16:9-11, 16-17). We have provided an envelope for your convenience.
This year, The Church of God New World Ministries, will be conducting a Pentecost Service in Lexington, Kentucky at the Embassy Suites. We will be having Sabbath Services on June 11th beginning at 10:00AM in the Bourbon Room. We will break for lunch and have an afternoon service beginning at 2:00 PM. The next morning, June 12th, we will begin Pentecost Services at 10:00 AM also. If you would like more information you may call (865) 774-8485.
The Embassy Suites is located at 1801 Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY 40511. The phone number is (859) 455-5000. If you plan to stay overnight there are several other motels in that immediate area that are not as expensive as the Embassy Suites. Mr. Joe Shuster will be conducting Pentecost and Sabbath Services in Winchester, VA. If you are from that area you may contact Mr. Shuster at (540) 662-4241 for more details.
The Church of God New World Ministries will be observing The Feast of Tabernacles this year (2011) in Pigeon Forge, TN at the Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn is located at 3230 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863. The telephone number is (800) 555-2650.
I have heard that several Churches of God will be observing the Feast in the Pigeon Forge area this year. I would advise you to make your reservations early. I have included a list of motels within a one mile radius of the Holiday Inn: Pigeon Forge Motel (865-453-1715), Vacation Lodge (865-453-2640), Whispering Pines Condominiums (1-800-429-4361), Briar Stone Inn (865-453-4225), LaQuinta (877-429-3010), Super 8 (865-428-2300), Comfort Inn and Suites ( (865-429-4494), Quality Inn and Suites ( (865-428-3824), Best Western Toni Inn ( (865-453-9058), Norma Dan Motel (865-453-2403), Ramada Inn ( (865-453-1823), Twin Mountain Properties (cabins) (865-453-0607), Grand Inns of America (865-453-1000), Family Inns of America (865-453-4905), Super 8 (865-453-2999), Mountain Breeze Motel (865-453-2659), Pigeon Forge Inn and Suites (865-453-9151), Days Inn (l-800-645-3079), Cold Creek Resort (865-453-0625), Connor Hill Motor Lodge (865-428-0387), Best Western Plaza Inn (865-453-5538), River Chase Motel (865-428-1299), Smokey Mountain Motor Lodge (865-453-9732), Riverside Motor Lodge (865-453-5555), Tennessee Mt. Lodge (865-453-4784), Colonial House Motel (800-662-5444), Riverside Tower (865-453-5500), Lazy Bear Inn (865-453-5568), River Place Inn (865-428-4440), Willow Brooks Lodge (865-453-5334), Maples Motor Inn (888-453-8983), EconoLodge (865-453-3906), Howard Johnson (865-428-0172), Smokey Meadows Lodge (865-453-4625), Valley Forge Inn (800-554-8740), Shular Inn (800-451-2376), Riverstone Resort and Spa (866-908-0990), Bear Crossing Condominiums (866-453-9696).
There are many more hotels/motels/condominiums in the area which may be a few miles away from the meeting place. You may visit for their locations and prices.
I would like to encourage as many of you as possible to observe God’s Feast this year. As world conditions continue to manifest themselves, as prophesied in the Bible, we need to be drawing closer to God. Things are not going to get better for our nation unless we repent. For those of you supporting this work, we thank you very much. We are nearing the completion of the revamping of our website and should be able to reach many millions more when this work is done. Pray that God will bless His Work, wherever it is being done. He founded His Church to preach the gospel, we must be about His Work.
George Trent
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