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Letter from the Church - May 2021

May 2021
Greetings Everyone,
It doesn’t seem possible that one-third of this year has come and gone. What have we to look forward to? The Covid virus is still with us although the infection and death rates seem to be going down, acclaimed by the medical profession to be due to their vaccines. And while this may be true they have yet to determine whether these vaccines will have long lasting protection or not. Also whether or not they will have negative effects in the long run as they were produced in such a short space of time compared to vaccines in the past which took years to research, develop, and test for safety. We shall see!
And to add insult to injury someone has opened the looney bin. Our beloved nation is marching headlong into a political and financial quagmire of which we shall never recover unless a miracle from our creator should transpire. However those of us in the church, those of us who possess Gods’ Holy Spirit, those of us who are called out of the ways of this world should know by scripture these things must come to pass because our nation has rejected God as they did in the past.
The Lord God told them early on about blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. This is what Deuteronomy 28:11-13 tells us regarding obedience: “The LORD will grant you abundant prosperity---in the fruit of your womb, the young of your livestock and the crops of your ground---in the land he swore to your ancestors to give you. The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your GOD that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom” (NIV).
However we know it is not like that today. We are deeply in debt and borrow from everyone we can. We are no longer the head but are swiftly becoming the tail. Our borders are wide open to every human trafficker, every drug runner and criminal who wishes to come in. All because of bad leadership. Even our judicial system has become corrupt all the way to the top - passing judgments making the most heinous actions legal and the law of the land, things which GOD considers as abominable and vile. It’s no wonder GOD says we have become like Sodom and Gomorrah. Therefore all our nation has to look forward to is righteous judgment - So sad!.
And though a grim future in the coming days may be all our beloved nation has to look forward to, there are things those of us in the church can look forward to with happiness and joy. One of those things is the coming of the Day of Pentecost-- which is only a few days away--[May 16th]. It should be exciting, for it reveals how we have an opportunity to be the firstfruits of Gods’ kingdom. It was James who said in James 1:16-18 “Do not err, my beloved brethren. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. Of his own will he begat us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of first fruits of his creatures.” (KJV)
Jesus is the first, but we also are first fruits; and the connection between the day of the wave sheaf offering during the days of unleavened bread when Jesus was presented to the Father as the firstborn from the dead - and Pentecost coming 50 days later is the whole time of harvest in which we now live, in which people are being harvested for God is inescapable. The pattern is clear! Christ is the first of the firstfruits and the saints of God are all the rest of the firstfruits. So this is a day we, in the Church, should look forward to regardless of the world around us. All of Gods’ Holy Days, in fact, should be looked forward to for it takes all of them to reflect our salvation.
Many have been asking about the Feast this year. Yes, we are going to have a Feast. (Also something to look forward to) It is going to be held in Cookeville Tennessee. Cookeville is located about halfway between Knoxville and Nashville - west on Interstate 40. Our meeting place will be at the Cookeville Holiday Inn. Turn right on exit 287 then turn left under the interstate and then make a right on Bunker Hill Road. More details will be posted on the web site as they are available. Check it often for updated information.
We have a block of rooms available at a special rate for the church. If you will be staying at the Holiday Inn call them at (931) 881-2000 and ask for the church rate for your stay.
There is no lack of things to do in Cookeville - it boasts of:

  1. 22 coffee and sweet treats shops
  2. At least 59 individually owned and 60 fast food and chain restaurants
  3. Two wineries
  4. Four brewing companies
  5. Lots of places to shop
  6. A Wal-Mart and a Kroger
  7. 3 museums (including 1 train museum)
  8. If you would like to go for a walk-- There are seven city parks and two state parks nearby with more than 150 waterfalls and 1,200 miles of nearby lake shoreline.
So come and join us in Cookeville for the Feast of Tabernacles in 2021. We’ll be looking for you there!
Respectfully yours and may God bless you:
Arden Taylor
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