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Letter from the Church - April 2022

April 2022
It doesn’t seem possible, but we are already into the fourth month of the new year according to Gregorian calendar. Of course, as most of us know, this is not the true calendar put in place by God which began on the 2nd of April this year—bringing about the start of another year in which we begin acting out God’s plan of salvation by keeping the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread. As we observe what those days represent in contrast to the conditions of the world we see very few positive similarities. What we do see is the world continuing to spiral downward at a faster pace than ever before.
As I look at the world condition it reminds me of an old song that was first sung by Canadian artist Anne Murray almost 40 years ago titled “A Little Good News”. The song highlights some of the global conditions at that time including the fighting in the Middle East, this nation’s bad economy and the need for a change in policy.
It also makes reference to the hijacking of planes, the taking of hostages, drug abuse, senseless shootings and the burning of our streets and buildings. She sang about her desire to hear some good news—rather than all the bad news. News that no one was assassinated in any third world country, that everyone would love everyone here in our own nation and the desire to see the end of armed conflicts. She sang of her desire to hear the end of armed robberies and people dying in vain. The expressed message of the song of course was that we sure could use a little good news today.
While the names of the people and places of the troubles may have changed somewhat since that song was written almost 40 years ago—the story remains the same. There are still conflicts going on around the globe. There is still fighting going on in the Middle East between the Palestinians and Iranian backed Syrians against the Israelis. Recently we’ve seens the Russian aggression and genocide against the people of Ukraine and the conflicts in our own southern hemisphere. Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:6 and 7 that in the last days there would be wars and rumors of wars and that nation would rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. While there have always been wars when you look at the past 100 years up to the present age it is plain to see that there has been a dynanic surge of this activity in a very short period of time.
Today instead of a liquor store being robbed it is now whole gangs of thieves rushing into high-end jewelry and department stores carrying off vast amounts of expensive merchandise in broad daylight while the police stand by unable to act. Train robbing has even become a revised occupation for thieves and thugs. There has been a surge in drug related deaths as the drugs flow over our southern border unchecked because of failed policies and politics. Inner city gangs as well as individuals are shooting each other at an alarming rate and a lot of people are dying in vain. No one, it seems, has any patience with anyone any more — there is no love for their fellow man. It’s a selfish me, me, me world we live in today.
Assassinations of rival drug lords and political opponents still go on in third world nations as well as our own inner cities and seemingly no one has any respect for anyone in the “good old” USA. Inflation is rampant and we certainly need a change in policy. Yes, today, as back then, we sure could use a little good news. But don’t worry — that GOOD NEWS is coming. Jesus Christ and His gospel is that GOOD NEWS —- the very meaning of the word gospel is literally “good news”!
The gospel reveals at the second coming of Christ, under HIS policies there will be an economy like this world has never seen before and He will transform this world into the wonderful, beautiful place it was intended to be from the beginning. There will be no one dying in vain from an angry neighbor, no one robbing from anyone and no more burning in the streets, no one overdosing from illicit drugs and no assassinations among rival gangs and drug dealers. At long last there will be the true peace that the bible promises here on this very earth.
But the greatest GOOD NEWS of all is — those of us who adhere to the commandments of God and endure until the end (whether it be the end of this physical life or if we should live to see that great event) will be given the opportunity to have a part in this wonderful change. So hang in there brethren and let’s strive to keep God’s commandments and Holy Days with sincerity and commitment for there’s more, a WHOLE LOT MORE, than just a LITTLE good news for when our savior returns it will be a tremendous event!!!!!
Respectfully yours:
Arden Taylor
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