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End-Time News Stories - Moral Decline

This page contains news stories from sources around the world that pertain to the end-time
prophesies of the bible.

The Church of God, New World Ministries does not author or support the sources of these links
unless otherwise noted. They are simply used for reference to biblical prophesy.

Click on the link under the "SOURCE/LINK" area to read the full story.

*** Note that items with RED dates were added in the last 48 hours

Date Headline
2019-01-28 Six Tanzanian children killed ‘for body parts’ Link
2018-11-18 Australian wedding magazine White shuts after LGBT row Link
2018-11-14 ‘Friend’ of synagogue shooter called massacre ‘dry run’ Link
2018-08-24 Buddhist monk beats, kills child, 9, during prayer session, authorities say Link
2018-08-17 Vatican in ‘shame and sorrow’ over abuses in Pennsylvania Link
2018-07-12 India Christian priests arrested over rape charge Link
2018-07-02 Malaysia investigates marriage of man to 11-year-old girl Link
2018-05-23 Egypt top prosecutor refers 40 to trial on human trafficking Link
2018-05-21 LGBT community cheers pope’s ‘God made you like this’ remark Link
2018-05-01 Remains of 140 children found at site of what may be history’s largest mass sacrifice Link
2018-04-03 Air Force veteran sues after being pulled from ceremony mid-speech Link
2018-03-23 Hate crime charges for man who beat victim he thought was Jewish Link
2018-03-13 College student kicked out of class for telling professor there are only two genders Link
2018-03-06 Cardinal to face Australian court on sex abuse charges Link
2018-02-28 Texas girl, 17, stabs newborn to death minutes after giving birth, police say Link
2018-02-27 Turkey’s Erdogan tells crying girl, 6, she’d be honored if killed in battle: report Link
2018-02-14 4 fetuses found in trash at Thai resort town Link
2018-02-11 Police shoot man during sword attack on Indonesian church Link
2018-01-31 Larry Nassar case: USA Gymnastics doctor ‘abused 265 girls’ Link
2018-01-30 India outcry after eight-month-old baby raped Link
2018-01-30 Pope sends sex crimes expert to Chile to investigate bishop Link
2018-01-17 SODOM AND GEMORRAH: California Gov. Jerry Brown To Force Schools To Show Kids ‘Gay Sex’ As Part Of LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum Link
2018-01-16 Parents arrested after 12 children, ages 2-29, found shackled in California home Link
2018-01-03 Texas imam apologizes after ‘Muslims will kill the Jews’ sermon in response to Trump’s Jerusalem speech Link
2017-12-21 Six bodies found hanging from bridges near Mexico’s Los Cabos resort Link
2017-12-20 Indiana church deploys armed security team during services Link
2017-12-01 India sexual abuse: ‘Four child victims every hour’ Link
2017-11-10 Macron: Iran ballistic missiles ‘very worrying’ Link
2017-10-20 Florida police arrest 277, including cops and doctors, in sex sting Link
2017-07-26 Pakistani police arrest 20 villagers over ‘honor’ rape Link
2017-07-23 Bodies found in tractor-trailer in San Antonio Walmart Link
2017-07-19 North Korea firing squad carries out public executions in school yards, report says Link
2017-07-18 Hundreds of boys abused at German choir school, report says Link
2017-07-16 Chinese gay video ban sparks online backlash Link
2017-07-04 Colombia Celebrates First ‘Three-Way Gay Marriage’ Link
2017-06-28 Man destroys new Ten Commandments statue at Arkansas Capitol Link
2017-06-14 Women travelling to England for abortions Link
2017-05-31 Kathy Griffin apologizes for photo shoot with bloodied Trump mask, says she ‘went too far’ Link
2017-05-16 India doctors allow 10-year-old rape victim to abort Link
2017-04-20 Supreme Court okays Sabbath desecration in Tel Aviv Link
2017-03-24 14 arrested for desecrating Auschwitz Link
2017-03-07 Arrests over rape of India orphans Link
2017-02-23 Pence visits damaged Jewish cemetery, condemns ‘vile’ vandalism Link
2017-02-19 Melania Trump attacked for reciting ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at campaign rally Link
2017-02-01 Afghan woman’s ears cut off by husband Link
2017-01-04 Charleston church gunman Dylann Roof: Nothing wrong with me Link
2017-01-04 Ellen Degeneres nixes Kim Burrell’s performance after singer’s anti-gay sermon Link
2017-01-02 3 men decapitated, 2 more slain in Acapulco over New Year’s Link
2016-12-19 Hopeless Afghan struggle to save boy sex slaves Link
2016-11-18 They are terrorizing the rabbis Link
2016-11-08 Australia senate stops gay marriage vote Link
2016-09-09 Doctor ‘held for raping dengue patient’ in India Link
2016-08-12 Texas, 12 states to ask judge to stall Obama transgender bathroom order Link
2016-08-03 Netanyahu: I’m shaken to the core of my being Link
2016-07-05 Iowa: ‘Some’ churches must comply with transgender bathroom laws Link
2016-06-08 Pakistan: Mother ‘burnt her daughter to death’ over marriage Link
2016-05-08 NC Gov. McCrory says he’ll answer Justice ultimatum on transgender bathroom issue by Monday deadline Link
2016-03-11 Five civilians killed in regime raids on Syria’s Aleppo Link
2016-02-18 Palestinian leader gives wife-beating tips on Gaza TV Link
2016-01-24 Italians protest to urge govt to grant gay civil unions Link
2016-01-21 Uganda LRA rebel leader accused of ordering cannibalism Link
2016-01-18 Burundi security troops gang-raped women, UN says Link
2015-12-15 Israeli and Palestinian hurt by hammer-wielding attacker in Modiin Link
2015-12-10 ‘Stab! Stab! Stab!’ Palestinian girl brandishes knife in Facebook video Link
2015-11-13 Christians facing ‘Indonesian jihad’ as churches burned on imams’ orders: report Link
2015-09-24 Gay Jews celebrate ‘High Homodays’ in New York Link
2015-09-17 GOP pundit attacks candidates for pandering to ‘f—ing Jews’ Link
2015-08-25 Doctor Fired for ‘Anti-Gay’ Remarks: No Regrets Link
2015-06-22 China Yulin dog meat festival under way despite outrage Link
2015-06-12 Pride Parade underway in Tel Aviv Link
2015-05-21 Synagogue, Bnei Akiva Branch Ransacked in Nazareth Illit Link
2015-02-20 Gay Catholics get Vatican welcome with VIP seats at pope’s audience, but no papal shout-out Link
2015-02-17 Hollande: Anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim acts threaten France Link
2015-02-16 France: 5 Arrested over Shocking Vandalism of 300 Jewish Graves Link
2015-01-17 Supreme Court to hear gay marriage cases in April Link
2014-12-21 ISIS Holds ‘Surprise’ Public Amputation for Convicted Thief Link
2014-11-24 Three priests, teacher arrested in Spain sex abuse case Link
2014-10-19 Catholic synod: Gay rights groups ‘disappointed’ Link
2014-09-19 Sinai Jihadists Behead Alleged ‘Israeli Spy’ Link
2014-09-19 Traffickers ‘laughed’ as they capsized boat to drown refugees Link
2014-09-18 Gay pride parade in Jerusalem attracts over 500 Link
2014-08-22 DR Congo woman ‘saw Col Egangela order gang-rape’ Link
2014-08-11 Australia boy ‘displays severed head in Syria’ Link
2014-07-17 India six-year-old ‘raped in Bangalore school by staff members’ Link
2014-07-07 Pope begs for forgiveness at meeting with Catholics sexually abused by clergy Link
2014-06-20 Ashdod gay pride parade draws 500 participants Link
2014-06-18 Watch: Hamas Official Heaps Praise on ‘Heroic’ Kidnap Operation Link
2014-06-13 “World’s best gay city” shows off its pride with 16th-annual Gay Pride Parade Link
2014-05-25 Authorities detail moments of terror in California shooting rampage Link
2014-05-19 UK summons Sudan diplomat over death penalty for Christian who refused to convert to Islam Link
2014-02-17 UN Report Details ‘Nazi-Like’ Abuse in North Korea Link
2014-02-05 Fatah Facebook Page Tells Parents to Raise Children for Terror Link
2014-01-06 Supreme Court puts gay marriage on hold in Utah Link
2013-12-10 Same-sex weddings to begin in March Link
2013-11-26 Syria conflict: Women ‘targets of abuse and torture’ Link
2013-11-08 Yemen police ‘stop child’s wedding’ Link
2013-11-04 Livni Pushes for Civil Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage Legislation Link
2013-10-28 Kenya petition over ‘grass cutting for gang-rape’ tops 1m Link
2013-10-22 Yemeni ‘burns daughter to death for contacting fiance’ Link
2013-10-09 Vandals damage graves in Jerusalem, in latest attack against Christians Link
2013-09-12 Joseph Tomb Attacks Spark Renewed Calls for Israeli Sovereignty Link
2013-08-26 Kenyan trio in ‘wife-sharing’ deal Link
2013-08-18 New Zealand gay couples to hold first weddings Link
2013-08-17 Georgia school to keep display featuring ‘God is Dead’ posters Link
2013-08-08 New York girl, 4, sexually assaulted in McDonald’s play area, report says Link
2013-08-04 Bishop apologises for abuse at Fort Augustus School Link
2013-07-29 What Pope Francis really said about gays -- and no, it’s not new Link
2013-07-26 Archbishop Tutu ‘would not worship a homophobic God’ Link
2013-07-23 Human trafficking will not end until it ends in India Link
2013-07-10 Activists: Police Failing to Protect Mount of Olives Link
2013-07-07 Brazil soccer referee killed during match; his head displayed on stake midfield Link
2013-06-27 Obama urges gay rights in Africa during trip to Senegal Link
2013-06-18 Lil Wayne defends trampling American flag while shooting new video Link
2013-05-29 Man accused of putting baby in freezer held on $1M bail Link
2013-05-23 Boy Scouts approve plan to accept openly gay members Link
2013-05-23 Amnesty says refugees face rising dangers Link
2013-05-20 More than 85,000 veterans treated last year over alleged military sex abuse, report says Link
2013-05-10 Nigeria ‘baby factory’ raided in Imo state Link
2013-05-08 Cleveland police search for more women after tip from kidnap victim, report says Link
2013-05-01 Dr. Manny: Where is the outrage in the medical community over the Gosnell case? Link
2013-04-17 New Zealand legalises same-sex marriage Link
2013-03-10 Pakistan Christians seek protection after Lahore riot Link
2013-02-20 20-year-old man goes on shooting rampage on busy Calif. freeway; 3 killed, 2 injured Link
2013-02-15 Plans for prom barring gays rocks Ind. community Link
2013-02-07 Missouri teen allegedly handcuffed to pole in parents’ basement for months Link
2013-01-07 5 men accused in India gang rape appear in court Link
2012-12-27 CNN’s Piers Morgan Says Bible is ‘Flawed’ Link
2012-11-29 Jewish Woman Murdered in Isfahan by Muslim Extremists Link
2012-11-29 New Hampshire couple arrested after boy is burned, assaulted at Universal Studios in Orlando Link
2012-11-19 Anti-gay marriage protesters rally in Paris Link
2012-10-19 Afghan woman beheaded for refusing to be a prostitute Link
2012-08-20 3 children found bound, stoned to death in South Africa, police say Link
2012-08-15 French Catholic Church targets gay marriage Link
2012-08-02 More than 1,000 march in Jerusalem’s 10th Gay Pride Parade Link
2012-07-29 Hundreds protest toughening Spain’s abortion law Link
2012-07-25 Hotel replaces bible with ‘50 Shades of Grey’ Link
2012-07-24 248 human fetuses found in Russian forest Link
2012-07-11 Disturbing viral video of 6-year-old boy with bikini-clad women a ‘joke,’ says director Link
2012-07-11 Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial defaced Link
2012-06-24 Egyptian Beats Pregnant Wife to Death For Not Voting for Mursi Link
2012-06-13 Norwegians Turning a Blind Eye to Hate Sparks Jewish Outrage Link
2012-06-07 Denmark approves gay weddings in church Link
2012-06-05 Jewish Tourists Stoned in Jordan over ‘ Provocative Hats’ Link
2012-05-14 Newsweek calls Obama ‘The First Gay President’ on cover Link
2012-05-09 Obama gay marriage support seen as world precedent Link
2012-05-09 Argentina makes sex-change surgery a legal right Link
2012-04-26 Stolen babies scandal haunts Spain Link
2012-04-23 UN: Human trafficking victims in the millions Link
2012-04-20 Jewish movement in Israel OKs gay rabbis Link
2012-04-05 School Removes “God” From Lee Greenwood Song Link
2012-04-03 Canadian transgender model may get clearance to compete in Miss Universe Link
2012-03-19 Rabbi Metzger: They Were Killed for Being Jewish Link
2012-02-23 Maryland state senate passes gay marriage bill Link
2012-02-03 Sudan bombs US-funded Bible school, US condemns Link
2012-01-25 Extradited ex-priest faces 55 Irish abuse charges Link
2012-01-17 Ethiopia forces thousands off land - Human Rights Watch Link
2012-01-05 UK court hears horror tale of witchcraft killing Link
2012-01-04 Canadian bishop gets 15 months in child porn case Link
2011-12-16 Thousands Abused in Dutch Catholic Institutions Link
2011-11-18 Canadian Baby Allegedly Dumped by Mother Was Found by Unsuspecting Father Link
2011-10-09 U.S. Presbyterian Church Ordains First Gay Minister Link
2011-10-06 Arabs Desecrate Tomb of Joseph - Again Link
2011-09-23 IDF braces for mass West Bank protests ahead of Palestinian statehood bid at UN Link
2011-09-22 OC Couple Threatened With $500-Per-Meeting Fines For Home Bible Study Link
2011-08-22 South Carolina Preacher Charged With Kidnapping, Rape Link
2011-08-13 Cuba gay man and transgender woman marry Link
2011-08-10 Religious Harassment on Rise Throughout the World, Report Finds Link
2011-05-22 For First Time, Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage Link
2011-05-16 Pope Benedict orders action on sex abuse Link
2011-04-24 Syrian Forces Fire on Funeral Link
2011-04-23 5 females found with throats slashed in Acapulco Link
2011-01-20 Parents Group Petitions Congress, Attorney General to Investigate MTV for Child Pornography in ‘Skins’ Series Link
2010-12-15 Kosovo’s PM linked to trade in human organs Link
2010-12-14 ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ priest arrested in Ireland Link
2010-12-05 Spain, the world capital of prostitution? Link
2010-11-26 Canadian Orthodox bishop faces sex assault charges Link
2010-09-12 Christian worshippers attacked in Indonesia Link
2010-09-06 Sussex vicar Alex Brown jailed for sham marriages Link
2010-08-27 Saudi couple hammer 24 nails into their Sri Lankan maid Link
2010-08-16 Mexico supreme court upholds gay adoptions Link
2010-08-15 Ireland’s weakened economy provokes new abortion crisis Link
2010-08-06 12 nabbed for organ trafficking Link
2010-07-29 French mother confesses to killing eight babies Link
2010-07-15 Argentina legalizes gay marriage in historic vote Link
2010-07-15 Tobacco giant Philip Morris sold cigarettes made using child labour Link
2010-07-13 Fined: Russian art curators who likened Jesus to Lenin Link
2010-07-08 Pope targets priests who abuse mentally impaired Link
2010-07-08 Nigerian man arrested with bags carrying 70 dead babies Link
2010-07-07 Priest ‘stole $1.3m from church to pay for male escorts’ Link
2010-07-05 Appointing gay bishop ‘risks splitting Church’ Link
2010-07-04 Sex, death and slaves: Welcome to Haiti’s horror carnival Link
2010-06-28 G20 crowds, police engage in standoffs Link
2010-06-27 Police arrest more than 400 after vandalism at Toronto economic summit Link
2010-06-08 Cross Used To Beat Elderly Woman To Death In Church Link
2010-05-27 Germany: 205 claims of abuse at Jesuit schools Link
2010-05-17 Lesbian bishop may split Anglican church Link
2010-05-10 Ga. Seniors Told They Can’t Pray Before Meals Link
2010-05-07 It’s official: Cher’s gender-swap son Chaz Bono is legally a man Link
2010-05-05 Soldiers charged with using boy, 10, as human shield Link
2010-04-02 27 Arrests At High-Rise Where Child Was Gang Raped Link
2010-04-02 Vatican was warned about paedophile priests in 1963 Link
2010-04-01 Papal ally accused of ‘ritual beatings’ Link
2010-03-23 Austria: Priest resigns after admitting abuse Link
2010-03-11 Vatican criticizes condom machines in Rome school Link
2010-03-04 Syria: Israel trying to frame us Link
2010-03-04 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Taiwan Link
2010-03-04 Mozambican police investigate child trafficking Link
2010-03-03 Dutch gays, Catholic church put aside dispute Link
2010-03-01 Naked photo at Sydney Opera House highlights openness Link
2010-02-24 ‘Date-rape drugs’ are on the rise, UN warns Link
2010-02-23 Frozen Fetuses Found During Doctor’ s Office Raid Link
2010-02-19 Elton: Jesus was a gay lord Link
2010-02-01 Earth religions get worship area at AF Academy Link
2010-01-29 Official: 44 militants killed in Pakistan Link
2010-01-29 Criminals in Haiti ‘Raping Quake Survivors’ Link
2010-01-25 Moscow mayor calls gay pride march‘ Satanic’ Link
2010-01-22 Country’ s first legal gigolo starts work in Nevada Link
2010-01-20 Prostitutes in Greece demand brothel license Link
2010-01-12 Planting the Seed for Legal Pot Link
2009-12-23 Report says 225,000 Haiti children work as slaves Link
2009-12-23 Russian church: Homosexuality is personal choice Link
2009-12-21 Priest outrages police by telling congregation: ‘ My advice to poor is to shoplift’ Link
2009-12-17 Portuguese govt aims to permit gay marriage Link
2009-12-14 Malaysia hearings start in Catholic ‘Allah’ fight Link
2009-12-09 3 women challenge Irish abortion ban in Euro court Link
2009-12-02 Local World War II Veteran Fights Homeowner’s Association Link
2009-11-27 4 relatives shot dead at Fla. Thanksgiving party Link
2009-11-26 North Naples Middle students suspended for taking part in “kick a Jew day” Link
2009-11-19 Church of Scientology accused of torture and forced abortions Link
2009-11-04 Pastor Ted Haggard to Lead Worship Service Again Link
2009-10-29 No men OR women needed: Scientists create sperm and eggs from stem cells Link
2009-10-27 U.S. official resigns over Afghan war Link
2009-10-23 42 arrested in China baby trafficking case Link
2009-10-22 Church of Sweden Priests to Wed Gay Couples in Gender-Neutral Ceremonies Link
2009-10-15 American Flag Ban at Oregon Apartment Complex Reversed After Outcry Link
2009-10-14 Britain’ s Brown sending more troops to Afghanistan Link
2009-10-13 American ‘abortion addict’ reveals she terminated 15 pregnancies in 17 years Link
2009-09-29 4 Charged in Beating Death of Chicago Honor Student Link
2009-09-18 Boy, 12, turns into girl Link
2009-09-16 Some 750,000 pedophiles prowling Internet: UN Link
2009-09-14 Pledge of Confusion? Schools Wrestle With Flag Policy in Classroom Link
2009-08-21 Germany: Urgent progress is needed on settlements Link
2009-08-21 Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession Link
2009-08-13 Senators exclude end-of-life provision from bill Link
2009-08-06 Gov’t insurance would allow coverage for abortion Link
2009-07-30 Baby Cut From Murdered Mother’s Womb Found Link
2009-07-29 Pregnant Massachusetts Woman Killed, Fetus Taken Link
2009-07-28 Anger after Bible defaced in British gallery Link
2009-07-23 Church of England offers combined wedding, baptism Link
2009-07-15 Calif tax officials: Legal pot would rake in $1.4B Link
2009-06-28 US pastor opens church to guns Link
2009-06-27 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest Opening of Israel Parking Lot on Sabbath Link
2009-06-22 Scientology leader David Miscavige ‘physically attacked staff’ Link
2009-06-17 Haredi rabbi: Don’t protest gay parade Link
2009-06-01 Cheney on gay marriage: ‘Freedom for everyone’ Link
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