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Our History

Founded in 2006, our roots are based in the former Worldwide Church of God. Many of our members were first gathered together by hearing the truths of God presented by Herbert Armstrong and his son, Garner Ted Armstrong. Two people who "rediscovered" some of the basic truths of God that were in effect at the time of the Apostles and spoke out to those called to gather together and do the work in today's world as described by the Bible.

While there have been many divisions amongst the former members of that church since the passing of Herbert and Ted, the core values and conviction that the Bible is the true word of God and the principles taught by Christ, His apostles, and all the prophets of God before them are still being taught and kept within many of the offshoots of the original church.

As individuals who have been called by God to perform the 2 great commissions, this church organization strives to maintain it's actions, thoughts, and the character of Christ as described in the pages of the New Testament. We come together in the weekly Sabbath to sharpen iron, and to keep the Holy Days important to God since he created the earth.

Since the time of Christ's first ministry on the earth, there has been a core group of people who have been called out by God to keep the core truth of the Bible alive in a world that has turned it's back on the real truths of God.

We are a group of individuals called out by God in today's world to gather together and perform the work of the 2 great commissions:

  • Feed the Sheep, or the members of the church
  • Preach the Gospel (Good News) of the coming Kingdom of God on Earth

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