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Personal Bible Study Aids

The study of your Bible is an intensly personal journey. The truths within the pages of the Book need to be applied to your life, and as you learn more and more about the truth that God has in store for the whole of mankind, the layers of misconception that the world's "religious" organizations teach through their man-made doctrines are peeled away and the simple facts of God’s truth are revealed to those who are willing to listen to the calling to take this journey.

The Church of God New World Ministries will do whatever we can to assist in the revelation of these truths to you through the faith once delivered from the pages of YOUR Bible. If you are truly called by God to be a member of the family of God, then these study aids should help you shed the false teachings that the world's churches insist on putting forth and bring you to the truths within God’s inspired words.

We hope that these study aids will show to you what YOUR Bible has to say about the simple, elegant, and resounding truths of God’s Word.

God’s Master Plan of Salvation  
  God has a marvelous plan for the salvation of mankind. By His holy days as initiated in Leviticus 23, He clearly outlines this plan and reveals to mankind what the world tomorrow will be like. Use this study aid to understand what God truly has in store for us. Study this topic
Correspondence Course Lessons  
  Are you TRULY a person who studies the Bible and understands the principles contained within its pages, or are you filled with knowledge of “religion” by the doctrines of the men who keep traditions from the past alive in today’s “christian” churches?

Study THE BIBLE on your own and see what the pages and principles contained within the pages REALLY say. Look up the topics and order one of the correspondence course lessons to help YOU understand what the TRUTH of the Bible really is!
Review the topics
Traditional Christian Doctrines  
  The doctrines of today’s worldly religions are so steeped in traditions handed down through the generations that most of us (including the leadership of the churches that teach these doctrines) do not know their origin. This series dives into the TRUE origin of traditional christian doctrines and shows where the tradition came from as well as why it is in direct contradiction to the scriptures in your very own Bible! Review the topics
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