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***** Please note that we are transitioning all audio and video to web based sources and are discontinuing sending CD's and DVD's out. Please check the main page for updates as they are made available.

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 God’s Master Plan Request the FREE materials online by clicking here
The Bible (both old AND new testament) describes the holy days of God. Do you know why they matter? Do you understand the Plan God has in place for all of mankind? Take this 8 lesson course so you can prove from the pages of your very own Bible why you should be keeping the Holy Days of God rather than the holi-days of man!
 Mini-Correspondence Course Request the FREE materials online by clicking here
The Church of God New World Ministries governs itself by 32 principals (Statement of Beliefs ) set out by the Bible. Each lesson will help you understand the Bible, and the 32 points set forth by God to help you understand the marvelous plan that God has for mankind.
FREE materials to help you understand basic Biblical truths:
 666 Request the FREE materials online by clicking here
The number 666 is one of the most feared numbers in all the world. But why? What does this number reveal, or mean? The answer will amaze you. Send for this eye-opening "printed article" "666" today.
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