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In-depth studies on fundamental biblical principals.

Audio Sermons

Listen to the sermons available using either Windows Media (MP3) or Real Audio (RM) players.

Bible Correspondence Course

The mini-correspondance course helps you do an in-depth study of the fundamental biblical principals that govern God's church.

Biblical Questions

Answers to questions that members have written in and asked about.

Difficult Scriptures

Some scriptures seem to puzzle the world's "biblical elite", but the bible clearly uses scripture to explain everything. Read through simple biblical answers to seemingly difficult scriptures.

For Children

Resources that parents can use to bring children up to know the truth even in the face of this world's version of right and wrong.

  • Young Children (3-7)
  • Pre-teens (8-12)
  • Teens (13-18)

God's Holy Days

Resources to help you understand the glorious plan of God revealed through His holy days.

Holy Day Calendar

A calendar of God's Holy Days for the coming three years.

Prayer List

Bretheren in difficult situations need out prayers. View the list, or add your own request.


Great links to free software available on the web to help advance your bible study and research.

Sunset Calculator

Use this resource to calculate the beginning of the Sabbath services in your local area.

Video Sermons

Watch the latest video sermons using your high-speed internet connection.

  • Video 1
  • Video 2
  • Video 3

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