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The Names Of Jesus

Have you ever wonder why Jesus has so many names? Did you know that there are over 150 names and references for Jesus located in our bible? Each one a special characteristic of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High God! And each having special meaning for those here on earth!

Let’s start on our study on these names by looking in our bible at the first place He is mentioned: Genesis 1:1. (New King James version, Thomas Nelson, publisher and The Names of Jesus, Rose, publisher used throughout; unless noted.)

GOD (Gen. 1:1) “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Meaning: God here means in Hebrew “elohiym” (Strong’s Hebrew and Greek dictionary), plural for more than one God, a God family consisting of first and foremost our Heavenly Father and then Jesus, his son.
ALMIGHTY (Rev 1:8) MIGHTY GOD (Isa 9:6), MIGHTY IN BATTLE (Psa 24:8), POTENTATE (1Ti 6:15), POWER OF GOD (1Co 1:24)

Meaning: Jesus is an all-powerful being, nothing is impossible for Him.
ALPHA and OMEGA (Rev 1:8) BEGINNING and END (Rev 21:6), FIRST and LAST (Rev 22:13) and AUTHOR and FINISHER (Heb 12:2)

Meaning: Jesus was there at the beginning of time and will be there at the end. There was no one or nothing before Him and our Heavenly Father.
BELOVED (Eph. 1:6) DESIRE of ALL NATIONS (Hag 2:7) and ASSOCIATE of GOD (Zec 13:7)

Meaning: Jesus is the Beloved Son of God, the one that is closest to God and He is the desire of those who seek God, because only by Jesus we can approach God.
BRANCH (Isa 11:1) ROOT of DAVID (Rev 5:5), VINE (Joh 15:1)

Meaning: Jesus came from the family of David. And He is also vine in which we depend on for spiritual food.
BREAD of LIFE (Joh 6:35) BREAD of GOD (Joh 6:33), LIVING WATER (Joh 7:38)

Meaning: Jesus is our spiritual food and drink. All things are kept alive through Him.
BRIDEGROOM (Mat 25:6) HEAD of THE CHURCH (Eph 5:23), HEAD of THE BODY(Eph 4:15,16)

Meaning: Jesus is the bridegroom and the church is his bride. Jesus is the head of the church.
BRIGHT MORNING STAR (Rev 22:16) DAY STAR (2Pe 1:19), LAMP (Psa 119:105), LIGHT (Psa 119:105)

Meaning: Jesus is the Light that lights our way to truth and understanding that will lead us to God’s Kingdom.
COMFORTER, HELPER (Joh 15:26) Meaning: Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. He will be there to help you through hard times.
DOOR (Joh 10:9) WAY (Joh 14:6)

Meaning: Only through Jesus can we reach God the Father.
FAITHFUL AND TRUE (Rev 19:11) FAITHFUL AND TRUE WITNESS (Rev 3:14), AMEN (Rev 3:14), TRUTH (John 14:6)

Meaning: Jesus is truth and He is always faithful. He never lies.

Meaning: As our eldest brother, Jesus is the first born of God, and the first of the firstfruits, also the first one to be resurrected from the dead.
GOD (Joh 1:1) (Rom 9:5) (Tit 2:13) (Heb 1:8)

Meaning: Jesus in his very nature is God.
HIGH PRIEST (Joh 1:1) APOSTLE (Heb 3:1), PROPHET (Joh 6:14)

Meaning: Jesus is both God’s spokesman and our representative to God.
HOLY ONE (Mar 1:24)

Meaning: Jesus is without sin, Jesus is perfect. Only He could be the one to die to save us from our sins.
HOPE (1Ti 1:1) HOPE of GLORY (Col 1:27)

Meaning: Jesus is our only hope to be rid of this present evil world and enter into God’s kingdom.
(2Co 4:4)
(Heb 1:3)
Meaning: Although two separate beings, Jesus acts and thinks just like His Father.
IMMANUEL (Mat 1:24)
(Isa 7:14)
Meaning: God With Us.

Meaning: Jesus is like a lawyer that represents us before God. He intercedes on our behalf, using himself as payment for our sins.
JESUS (Mat 1:21) APOSTLE (Heb 3:1), PROPHET (Joh 6:14)

Meaning: Jesus is the Greek form of the name Joshua (Yeshua)[International Standard Bible Encyclopedia] meaning Jesus is salvation or “He will save his people from their sins.”(Mat 1:21)
JUDGE (Mic 4:3)
(Act 10:42)
RULER (Rev 2:27)

Meaning: When Jesus comes back to earth to set up His kingdom, He will be ruler and judge over all.
KING of GLORY (Psa 24:8) LORD of GLORY (1Co 2:8)

Meaning: Jesus is the most magnificent and the most glorious and deserves the most honor.
KING of KINGS (Rev 17:14) LORD of LORDS (Rev 19:16), KING (Mat 21:5), KING OF ISRAEL (Joh 1:49), KING of the JEWS (Mat 2:2), MASTER (Luk 8:24), PRINCE (Dan 9:25)

Meaning: In the millennial reign of Christ, Jesus will be king and lord over all the earth.
LAMB of GOD (Joh 1:29) OFFERING (Heb 10:10), PASSOVER (1Co 5:7), PROPITIATION (1Jn 2:2), SACRIFICE (Eph 5:2)

Meaning: Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins: past, present and future.
LAST ADAM (1Co 15:45) MAN (Joh 19:5)

Meaning: The first Adam brought sin and death on mankind; Jesus is the last Adam, He brings eternal life for mankind.
LION of the TRIBE of JUDAH (Rev 5:5) SON of DAVID (Mat 12:23)

Meaning: Jesus comes from the tribe of Judah, through David’s lineage, fulfilling Old Testament prophecy.
MAN of SORROWS (Isa 53:3) SERVANT (Isa 42:1)

Meaning: Jesus took on our sorrows and sins and because of this He died for us.
MESSENGER of the COVENANT (Mal 3:1) ANGEL of the LORD (Exo 3:2), ANGEL of GOD (Jud 13:9)

Meaning: Messenger and angel mean the same thing here. Jesus is the ultimate messenger from God.
(Joh 1:41)
RULER (Rev 2:27)

Meaning: Messiah is the Hebrew word Christ that is translated into Greek. Both mean the same thing : Anointed One (Act 10:38). In other words God appointed Jesus especially for His plan and purpose.
PRINCE of PEACE (Isa 9:6) MELCHIZEDEK, KING of SALEM (Heb 7:1), SHILOH (Gen 49 :10)

Meaning: Jesus is peace. He will bring complete and total peace in His soon coming kingdom.
REDEEMER (Job 19:25) RANSOM (Mat 20:28), SURETY (Heb 7:22)

Meaning: Through His death, Jesus is our redemption and our guarantee of payment for our sins, so we may enter God’s family.
RESURRECTION and the LIFE (Joh 11:25) Meaning : Jesus is the first to resurrected back to God. Through Him, we may be also that when we die, we will be resurrected back to life.
ROCK (2Sa 22:2) FORTRESS (2Sa 22:2), CHIEF CORNERSTONE (Psa 118:22), FOUNDATION (1Co 3:11)

Meaning: Jesus is the rock, a solid foundation that we can build our faith upon that will never falter nor fail.
SAVIOR (Luk 1:47) CAPTAIN of THEIR SALVATION (Heb 2:10), DELIVERER (Rom 11:26), SALVATION (Psa 118:14)

Meaning: Jesus is the Savior of the world. He is the one who can save us from the death penalty of our sins.
SHEPHERD, OVERSEER (1Pe 2:25) DOOR of the SHEEP (Joh 10:7), THE GOOD SHEPHERD (Joh 10:11)

Meaning: Jesus cares for and looks out for His flock, to lead them and guide them.
SON of GOD (Luk 1:35) ONLY BEGOTTEN (Joh 3:16), SON of the HIGHEST (Luk 1:32), HEIR (Heb 1:2)

Meaning: Jesus is the son of our Heavenly Father, the second member and heir of the God family.
WORD (1Jn 1:1)
(John 1:1)
WORD of GOD (Luke 8:11),WORD OF LIFE

Meaning: Jesus is the spokesperson for God the Father. Whatever He says; shall be done, from creation to life out of death.
YHVH [YAHWEH, JEHOVAH {*See note below}] (Gen 22:14) I AM (Exo 3:14), WHO WAS, WHO IS and WHO IS TO COME (Rev 4:8)

Meaning: The name Yahweh means “He who is” . It expresses that Jesus is a self-existent being as our Heavenly Father.

*note: In some bibles, YHVH is translated into YAHWEH, in others into JEHOVAH. A sixteenth century translator, using the vowels of Adonai (Lord) and the consonants of YHVH, translated YHVH into YaHoVaH, resulting in the name Jehovah. Yahweh seems to be the more accepted spelling.
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