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God’s Holy Season is almost here so let’s learn about God’s Holy Days that show how God teaches all of us to become members of His family.

Thousands of years ago, God’s people were slaves of Egypt. God told a man named Moses to go to the Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, and tell him to let his people go. God used ten plagues to force the Pharaoh to let His people, the Israelites, go.

The tenth and last plague, the death of all firstborn of Egypt has a lot to do with the Passover. God told Moses to kill a healthy male lamb on the night of the Passover and to eat it and to take some of its blood and put it on the doorposts of their houses so the angel would pass over their houses and save their firstborn from death.

And God commanded this to be done every year from now on. This can be found in your Bible in Exodus chapters 11 and 12.

When God’s son, Jesus Christ, came to this earth, He changed how Passover should be kept. When members of God’s church attend Passover services, we now wash each others feet to show a humble attitude and to be a servant to God. This is found in John 13 in your Bible.

Also they eat a piece of unleavened bread as a reminder of Christ’s beaten and broken body and drink a little wine to represent Christ’s blood that He shed when He died so that people can be forgiven of their sins. This is found in Luke 22.

So, remember children, it is important that we observe this very important day.

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