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Traditional Christian Doctrines

Did you know that a majority of the doctrines of the world’s churches don’t come from the pages of YOUR Bible? Many of these doctrinal beliefs come from writings of men, “theories” of “theological scholars”, essentially reinstating the same types of “handwriting of ordinanaces” taken away by Christ’s very sacrifice (Col 2:14).
Christ’s sacrifice did away with the many written rules and regulations proposed and made doctrine (religious dogma) by the Saducees and Pharisees of the Old Testament to help people keep the 10 Commandments of God through the ways that men thought they should be physically kept. Modern christianity has reinstated some of the same - and some new rules to pervert the very commandments that Christ came to glorify and elevate to a spiritual level!
Are you a victim of religious dogma? Do you believe what YOUR Bible says, or is your belief based in the contradictory handwriting of ordinances that is against the very commandmments of God, and therefore impossible to keep in a way that is pleasing to God? Biblical contradictory doctrines like the rapture, infant baptism, heaven, hell, the trinity, and others?
Then you NEED to come out from under the veil of doctrine, and know the truth about the very Bible you own! Each month, a lesson walks you through a doctrinal subject, and uses the pages of YOUR very own Bible to show you the truth of the matter and clearly show you why the doctrines are incorrect and contradictory to God’s teachings.
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